About us

From our childhood, we still remember the smell of floury dough, drying on the tiled stove. Homemade pasta accompanied us during Sunday and holiday dinners and always made us think about a warm family atmosphere and time spent at the table together.

In 1990, when the first private radio station – RMF FM started broadcasting its programs, and Lech Wałęsa was sworn in as Polish President, we also decided to do something important. Significant for us. We opened up our own company.

We could be poetic and say that we did it to save those flavours and memories from oblivion. Because homemade pasta is simply poetry. But what we wanted the most was to share it with all those who appreciate products made with heart.

A quarter century has passed like one day. With time, also thanks to the many journeys, our house began to fill up with smells of oriental spices and dishes from all over the world. We found that cooking and exploring the world are our two passions, which we want to share with you.

Tradition and family atmosphere are the most important values ​​for our company. We have been investing in them for 3 generations and we can confidently say that it is thanks to them that we have built a stable and prospective company.


We are a leading manufacturer of pasta in Poland and an exporter to the US, England, and Ireland. We make whole-wheat, pressed and rolled pasta, angel hair rolls, ‘coloured’ pasta with added spinach and tomato and egg-free amber durum pasta (consisting of 100% semolina flour).

In pasta production, we use buckwheat flour, semolina, and eggs. The quality of the products is monitored by our in-house laboratory, which has been operating for 12 years. Our specialists test, among others, the microbiological (bacteria) and physicochemical (fat, humidity) characteristics of products and semi-finished products, used to make pasta.

We operate based on international food safety standards. During production and storage, our employees follow the FIFO principle, which means First-In-First-Out. This allows us to deliver products with a long expiry date to the customer, produced from fresh semi-finished products. In addition, all products pass through a detector which detects metal, which eliminates the risk of metallic impurities. Detailed information on quality standards, certificates, and awards that we have won over the years, can be found in the HISTORY section.