It is not easy to summarise a quarter of a century of our history in a few sentences. And although every great story is made up of small stories, we will try to present the essence of our company’s 25-year existence.

1990 – Establishment of a business under the name Wytwórnia Makaronu S.C. Władysław i Zbigniew Dybał. The company was founded by Władysław Dybał, who came up with the idea for opening a plant making pasta which was supposed to be just like he remembered from family dinners. Initially, the work was mostly done by hand because machines that could be introduced to the company were able to mechanize only a small part of the work. With great commitment and dedication, the whole family would meet each morning and work until late into the evening to finish and package the pasta. The whole process was overlooked by Władysław Dybał, who saw to it that everything ran properly and the final product was tasty and looked nice.

wyrabianie makaronu

1996 – As the demand for Czaniecki pasta increased, decisions which would have an impact on increasing production had to be made. Therefore, the company began hiring employees, since the family itself was not sufficient any more, and the work space not sufficiently large. A second company was established, under the name Wytwórnia Makaronu Lucyna i Zbigniew Dybał based in Bujaków. But time has shown that even this was not enough.

1999 – It was finally decided to expand the factory in Czaniec. A hall was built to accommodate drying chambers for drying pasta, a modern production hall was created (the first hall was opened in February 1999, the second in December of the same year).

2000 – Wytwórnia Makaronu S.C. Władysław i Zbigniew Dybał merged with Wytwórnia Makaronu Lucyna i Zbigniew Dybał to form Czanieckie Makarony Sp. z o.o. based in Czaniec.

2001 – Completion of the last phase of development. It required the greatest effort and included building subsequent production halls, warehouses of raw materials, staff rooms, offices, and our own laboratory.

2003 – Launching of a high-bay warehouse and a modern in-house laboratory. Thanks to a grant from the European Union – PHARE 2000 line, necessary equipment and devices for testing, was purchased.

2006 – Reconstruction of the plant, construction of a new production hall and further development of the in-house laboratory. Increasing production and creating new jobs.


2002Żywność Atestowana mark and gold medal at the 18th Fair of Healthy Life and Food “ECOLIFE 2002”

2003Laur Dębowy from the Bielsko Governor for the Entrepreneur of the Year 2003

2003 – Best Polish Quality Certificate 2003/2004

2003 – Medals and diplomas at the International Warsaw Fair IFE POLAND and the Food Products and Processing POLFOOD 2003 fair in Gdańsk

2003Orzeł Agrobiznesu 2003 emblem

2003 – Distinction during the 19th Fair of Healthy Life and Food “ECOLIFE 2003”

2004, 2005, 2007Przedsiębiorstwo Fair Play statuette. The prize is awarded to companies that undertake non-standard measures for clients, customers, employees, or for the benefit of people in need.

2004 – The title of: Polski Producent Żywności 2004 – im. E. Kwiatkowskiego

2005 – Distinction in the Laur Konsumenta 2005 competition

2008 – Implementation of a new, certified system, the German-Italian-French IFS International Food Standard and the British BRC Global Standard for Food Safety. Both systems add up the requirements of Good Hygienic Practices, Good Manufacturing Practices, HACCP, ISO series of standards and focus on conformity of products with EU food law.

2011 – Pasta strips awarded with the Doceń Polskie mark, covered by the honorary patronage of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

2011 – The title of Firma Roku 2011 Ziemi Bielskiej and the Daedalus statue by artist Lidia Sztwiertnia for the contribution to the development of the region. The competition is organised by the local authorities and the Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Bielsko-Biała, and its aim is to recognise companies actively supporting the development of the region, creating jobs, eco-friendly, and socially-active.

2012 – Pasta strips awarded the title of Produkt na medal in a poll organised by the bi-weekly Pani Domu. The purpose of the poll is to select the best, worth recommending food products. The jury included chef Robert Sowa, Ewa Wachowicz – host and producer of culinary programs, and Agnieszka Jarosz, Ph.D., representative of the Institute of Food and Nutrition.


  • ”Q” quality mark
  • GOST-R certificate
  • Ecological safety certificate
  • Diploma of recognition from the Polish Centre for Testing and Certification
  • Gold medal at the 15th International Food Fair in Katowice
  • Kapelusz Merkurego emblem
  • Distinction in the form of the Horn of Plenty at the 11th Exhibition “National Polish Product of the Future” for the high quality of its products
  • The winner of the competition organised by the National Labour Inspectorate – “Employer Organiser of Safe Work”
  • Honorary Diploma of the Polish Society for the Promotion of Healthy Lifestyle and Food