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Whole Grain Pasta

For the production of this line of pasta, we use whole grain flour from durum wheat, which means that the grains are milled in their entirety. Thus, whole grain flour, in addition to carbohydrates and proteins, includes more valuable components than white flour. The pasta is healthier and has a low glycemic index – it prolongs the feeling of fullness and does not cause a sudden rise in blood glucose levels. We recommend it especially for people who care about their figure, diabetics, athletes, and those who work physically!

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Egg Amber Durum

It is made from durum wheat called Amber Durum, grown in Italy. This specific type of wheat is called macaroni (pasta) wheat as it is most often used for the production of pasta. Its unique properties are the hallmark of good quality, causes that pasta absorbs less water while cooking, remains springy and does not stick together. In combination with fresh eggs, it retains the beautiful amber colour and resembles the taste of home-made pasta.

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5-Egg Popular

It is made of soft wheat groats, semolina i.e. durum and 5 eggs per kilogram of flour. With this combination, during boiling the pasta, it quickly becomes soft and springy, ideal for soups, sauces, and dishes served “sweet”. The same pasta was kneaded by our grandmothers!

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100% Amber durum

The “100% Amber Durum” line was created specifically for the lovers of southern flavours and culinary experiments. “100% Amber Durum” pastas are manufactured 100% using semolina, that is coarse flour made from durum wheat, referred to simply as durum. That is what gives the pasta a yellow tinge, bringing about that it does not stick, retains an appropriate springiness, dense texture, and is harder to overcook.

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